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As I enter my username and password into the blanks, I was in great anticipation of browsing the intranet for more details of the great company that I’m working at (and loggin’ on to MSN and surfing the internet).
“Ding!” A small window popped up at the center of the screen, “You are required to change your password on your first logon.”
I clicked “Ok”.
I went on to change my password, entering the new password twice.
The computer, running on Windows XP, took a while to run.
“Ding!” Another window popped up at the center of the screen, “The system is not able to change your password as the domain Wxxx is not available.”
Thinking that I’ve gotten the wrong domain, I went on to ask the engineer , a fresh graduate from NTU, if the domain I chose was correct.
He looked through my logon window, and told me it was correct before going back to his screen-ful of programming codes.
“That’s really weird,” I thought to myself.

For the next 5 hours or so, I repeated this process at least 20 times, without the part on asking the fresh NTU grad beside me.
While I did that (i couldn’t possibly take 5 hrs to repeat the process only 20 times!!), i read the company’s magazine FOUR TIMES, from front to back and back to front , word for word, had a few briefings from my project leader and dozed off a few times.
That’s my first day of work! 🙂

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