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Watched the second Death note movie…
well, it wasn’t that bad..
n i thought Misa was rather cute…in fact…the only presentable one in the entire movie…
i CAN NOT accept “L” and “RAITO”

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oh yeah… we went esplanade for CHOCOLATE after the movie!
it was …hmmm…not that good….at least, not as good as i expected it to be!
the “Suckao” was good..but the fondue sux
I want “GOshen” (the restaurant i used to work part time at… coz of the fondue… i worked there for the food…not because i really need the job or something!! hehe)

The 20 bucks Fondue (small size; the large one is at 30!!)
it comes with three kinds of choc… white, milk and dark…
the truth? only the dark chocolate is edible..
white – tasted like condensed milk
milk choc – tasted like milk -_-||

as u can see…none of us really “touched” the milk and white choc…
the serving of fruit (banana, strawberries), raisin bread (looks cheap) and marshmallows (2 bucks for a whole packet in any store) was pathetically small…
argh! haha
but their dark chocolate was rather good.

Two ladies on the doesn’t-sound-so-nice yet taste damn freaking great…

this was mine! hehe
it was a plate of dark chocolate buttons thingy… n they give u this this to melt the dark chocolate in hot milk..
don’t worry if u finished the milk… they will give u more…

their service was really horrible…
very unprofessional and it was like they didn’t bother…

Simin’s going to China for GIP!!
don’t marry a China man there k?
hehe i’ll miss you!!
/hug x10



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  1. sob.. i will miss u too!!! *hugs*

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