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This is one of my favourites…
actually it’s my favourite!!
haha close friends will know why… hehehehe

This one’s thanks to u man, Henedick!




  1. GAAAA!!! I’m melting!!! hahaha Happy new year! Sorry I couldnt make it for when at that fella’s place.

  2. hahahaha HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
    that fella said he has a name..what that fella…hahaha
    who cares about him!!

    mwah hahaha
    we can meet up another time la…
    nvm one!!

  3. hahaha…sorry i meant “wine” not “when”…sair already.

    but you got it anyway. nvm then hahaha

  4. u know how weird it is when there is a typo but still you read a sentence as it supposed to be….
    yeah it happens…

    I want to go to Mind Cafe at Princep Road leh~
    when you free?!

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