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Singapore is going to be underwater if the rain doesn’t stop!
RAIN…RAIN…and more rain…
it has been raining NON-STOP for the past few days…
if i can stay at home n sleep (nap) ..i don’t really mind the coolness
but!! yours truly over here gotta WORK!
n my workplace is kinda far…i gotta take a long bus ride… n walk a certain distance (w/o shelter) before i can get to my workplace…

anyway..i’ve been so lethargic n bored…
that i started taking pictures of myself with the in-built(how cool!)- cam in my comp!

n this is the only presentable one…

ignore the look…i was trying to imitate one of Gackt’s pose in one of the pictures i saw in his Jihaku(自白) today…

n i found this “mirror” function…
it’s soo cute
not me…the function~

i wasn’t lying when i said i have a sister… hahahaha



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