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I’ll have to work in Siemens VDO Automotive Pte Ltd!!
hehe it’s not that bad though i really wanna go CAAS and join Adlina..
blames my stupid brain for putting Siemens as first choice..
but i really like Software engineering compared to hardware n Siemens stated that it’s a software kind of job (let’s hope they don’t cheat me to do data entry for the next 6 months for like 500 bucks a month, 8am to 9pm every day of the week)

it’s a little far… all the way at Ayer Rajah … while im staying at Jurong …
hmm, so i really gotta figure out the transport matters…
but all is fine!
there’re four others going Siemens VDO with me…
though i don’t know them.
future’s bleak ….

oh yeah… n i got this really interesting part-time job @ Children
s Technology Workshop

u ougta check it out…
n if u have young kids..send them there (if u have it in your state) … /hint



One Comment

  1. It’ll be good if we’re both in CAAS! but we can still meet up after work somewhere..haha..i’m located equally in an ulu place =) We’ll survive the IA!! Don’t worry, enjoy ur trip to Sydney! ^_^


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