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yeah you saw it right… that man wears thongs like these… haha
how sexy!
im downright bored… and nothing goes into my head…
stupid HRM paper in the evening…
who the hell invented evening papers!?!?!

anyway … he was saying something like his guitars were shaped like his ideal woman’s figure… n stuff..
n yeah… interesting groin guard, leopard spots thongs… haha
how sexy~




  1. Oh, my- I am laughing so hard I have a headache. Won’t you please translate for me?? *cries* No wonder you like him, the way he tickles that guitar!!! *fufufufu*

  2. haha im not that good in japanese yet… i can barely make out what he’s saying…
    too sexy a voice… n it’s distracting me from verbal meanings… hiakz

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