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on the part of Real-time Network applications …
my lecturer said (i’m,still, viewing vidz-lectures), “When you play online game, when you move somewhere, of course you want ur all partners to know you have moved to somewhere. You do not want a delay in update. So real time is very important! When you kill an object, you will want the object to disappear, & has to be consistent throughout all users, otherwise the object will be killed twice, doesn’t make sense …”

“The opposite is Non-real-time network applications. It’s just opposite. Erm, characteristics just opposite. (note, im already laughing my hair off @ this point of time) In terms of delay sensitive, no, it’s not delay sensitive. So..”

… … … …

maybe the late night is getting to me…but i find my lecturer crappy… hahaha
ok fine, it’s the way he said it. He adds “s”-es in the weirdest places u can find.



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