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Tomorrow seems like a never-ending day for me.
First, there’s the french test. I have to finish studying for it in an hour, n not fail it. *mumbles on*
Next, I have driving right after my french lessons. Driving is not really a hobby of mine, I kinda detest driving. BUT!! My test is on the 2nd of Nov (shudders @ that thought) , so I’ll have to practice.
After that, I have a 2000 words essay to complete before the mid of november (can’t remember the exact date), n my exams start on the 16th November with Networking as the first paper.

But!! I still love my life… coz it’s not fucked up.
No matter how much I complain about it, I have:
– a loving mommy(/kiss & hug) who brews bird’s nest for me when I’m studying for exams…(damn the late nights)
– a capable daddy(at least i think he is, /snob)
– clever siblings (/proud of them)
– someone who loves me & cares for me, and he makes me feel like the most special & prettiest(NOT) girl in the world (/hug)
– GREAT WoW pals (/hug)
– loving Grandfather who stays up every friday to rip Charmed’s final season of Channel 5 for me (coz I’ll only have the time to watch it after exams) (/hug)
– a grandmother who is a superb cook (makes the best dishes in the world /hug)
– n the rest of my immediate family… they are the nicest people in the world!! I love them all!!



One Comment

  1. ooh, glad to hear you are having a decent time despite all the very hard work! *hugs*

    see you soon!

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