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DSO doesn’t want me…
lol i got rejected through an email they sent me.
but well, i’m still surprised that im not devastated.
probably coz i knew that even if i got the job, i wouldn’t be working on the project that i want to.

argh! fine… i really wanted to work at DSO … coz well, it would be a whole new experience compared to working at some lousy office… isn’t it?
but since i didn’t get it, i shall not think so much. it’s just some stupid IA.




  1. It’s ok babe.. *hugs*
    Jiayou~ it’s their lost for not having u into their company.

  2. Boohoo …ty *hugs*
    im ok… their pay’s low anyway..who wanna work for geeks…
    just joking…

  3. Yo babe, don’t get disappointed over it.. At least u don’t have to torture yourself into doing the project that u dint want.. i’m sure u’ll get a better offer =) look on the bright side!~


  4. hehehe… with some many great friends around me… im so happy! i hope tt we get into the same company..n let’s isolate simin in china!! hahaha joking… simin.. don’t cry ya?

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