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I was going home from my mom’s place a while ago, and when I was walking past a park, i saw a brown rabbit sitting still on the grass. It was in the night so i took a while to register that it’s a freaking rabbit.
and rabbits are not supposed to run wild like that, just two hops away, cars were travelling at 50 – 180Km/h down the dark stretch of road, and if the rabbit is not fast enough when it’s crossing the road…
i wouldn’t want to say what will happen.

i so wanted to bring it home… take pictures of it..n put up a notice on the lost rabbit… see if the owner (irresponsible) will come and take it back.. but i’m staying all the way at the other end of it’s not productive to do so.

I tried to chase the rabbit into the park, where it would be safer away from all the mad drivers of singapore.
But the more i tried, the more the rabbit tried to run away, n it ran in the worst direction ever! it kept running across the road.
Eric told me that i cannot do anything about it, even if i call SPCA, they wouldn’t do anything about it.
I feel shitty when i feel so helpless.

so .. next time, i wanna earn lots of money… so much so that i can set up an “Animal Lost & Found” non-profit organization…
not for the sake of the irresponsible owners..
so whenever someone sees a seemingly domesticated animal on the road, they will have another organization to call to for help.
i shall hire professionals who knows how to handle animals with care, (unlike me..i kept chasing n it kept running) and ask a vet friend of mine to be doing volunteer work at the organization. I know of vets-to-be who would do so… she’s one of the sweetest person i’ve met.



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