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thhehe it’s my dream perfume…actually i think it’s cologne but who cares..
cologne is = toilet water…
so it’s PERFUME
mwah hahaha

here’s the original pic i took with mommy’s camera

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

n here’s the edited pic

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

picture quality not that good..i dunno why…
mommy’s camera not in good working condition today..
but still, THANKS to my dearest mommy..
she paid for the perfume…
Aunt Irene asked Aunt Jasmine to buy it for me…
how nice!

i love the smell..
Gackt used to wear this exact scent..or so it was i heard.
but even if he did not, i still like the smell.

Eric told me, Guys’ perfume are like coz girls like it n girls’ ones are made for guys to like it too…so it’s natural for me to like guys perfume..
duhz… i like to wear the scent i like..n not the scent i expect other men to like.
/slap all men in the world

but he mentions that it weird to smell Platinum Egoiste’s scent on a lady..
is it really that queer?
i don’t think so… i think it’s uber cool to wear that scent.. i feel more mature and charismatic..
it’s the power of SMELL… hahaha




  1. I like your smell better without any perfume…fufufu~

  2. /slap…
    sick bastard… hahaha
    i really like my new perfume..
    i shall put it on whenever i go out…whenever im awake!! whenever whenever!! fufufufu~

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