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i fell in love with this song…
i didn’t take notice of it even when i first heard it in 下弦の月’s concert…
i thought it was crappy…
/slap myself… HOW COULD I?
this is such a lovely song…
i decided to get myself the “Mizerable” single

huh? the singer? duhz
it’s GACKT!

here’s a video containing the song…
the anime’s Gravitation. (a shounen-ai aka boy-love-boy kind of anime, but not hardcore contents inside; so even if u are extremely homophobic, it should be fine… haha)

the song is soooo nice…

here’s the lyrics & translation take from

Lapis ~Prologue~




In Romanji

yume ni kizutsuite mo nanimo kawari wa shinai
atarashii tobira o aketa…
hirogaru sekai e tsuzuku

setsunai hodo ni dakishimerareteita kono karada o
honno sukoshi dake tsuyoku naru tame ni mizukara o

tooku e tsuzuku michi o ima wa arukitsuzukeru… dake sa

Translation in English

Even though the dream hurts me I don’t change anything
I opened a new door…
I continue into the expanding world

I could embrace this body until it hurts
I could hurt myself
In order to become just a little bit stronger…

I just… keep walking on the endlessly continuing road

the video is a little depressing…
the song too…
it’s with his first single after he left Malice Mizer…
now, i’m thinking…



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