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just watch this..
he’s too cute to resist..
it should be quite recent coz of his hairstyle…
love his hairstyle…
/hug Gackt n refuses to let go…




  1. NEVER be in the opposing team when Gackt is in the game….

  2. haha.. he lost to one person before … in a game … it’s in this variety show..but i cant remember which one

  3. Isn’t that when he played billard with Matsumoto or watshisname in Hey Hey Hey!
    /me keeps Gackt inside pocket.

  4. Is it? i thought the hairstyle was different? hmm … haha maybe i missed that episode.. can tell me the link? tyty…

    /me rips ブルタル’s pocket off ,catches the falling Gackt, and wraps him into her blanket …


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