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FUCK! It’s a freaking saturday night, okay..fine!! sunday morning… but what am i doing? worrying about my freaking database lab Q&A session on monday!!
coz my group leader just msged me (on a saturday night, WEEKEND) n told me he finished his part, and would like to call me to discuss some changes, ON A SATURDAY!
im so sorry, i work on a three-day week basis. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday… don’t ask me why, but they are not random days.
Saturdays are no-no for school work except Jap lessons (coz i stupidly placed it on a satuday MORNING!)

im so sorry u have to work on a saturday just to solve one of ur tons of labwork, but i have a life (i think) .
argh! now i feel mean. it’s not like it’s his fault but it just spoils my entire weekend when such things happen.



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