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so well, 71 is soixant et onze (literally meaning “60 and 11”) and 83 is quatre-vingt-trois (going @ 2-4-3) hahahaha
imagine this number , i got it from my exercise sheet…
1 541 281
it’s one million five hundred and forty one thousand and two hundred and eighty-one, i find it a hassle to even spell it in english

voila..this is the french version for 1 541 281
un million cinq cent quarante et un mille deuz cent quatre-vingt-un

if u dun know french u might think that it’s a freaking sentence..mwah hahahha



One Comment

  1. That’s ridiculous! *lol* But…you gotta give the French some credit- across the board (lifestyle, politics, military fashion, language, you name it), they may not be practical- but whatever they do, they do it with STYLE!


    Yours truly,
    Gwuinifer, who is proud to be 50% Francois and silly as a loon

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