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There are two meanings to this japanese poem.
It is written when commodore Mattew Perry went to Japan with his infamous “Black Ships”.

The first literal meaning is this:
泰平の眠りを覚ます = woken up on a peaceful sleep
上喜撰 = one of the most expensive and best kind of green tea that contains hell lots of caffaine
上喜撰たった四杯で = with just four cups of caffaine-laiden green tea
夜も眠れず = can’t sleep even in the night (or something like that, i cant remember the exact meaning)

The OTHER meaning to this poem, which has a more political meaning to our dear Mattew Perry’s arrival:
泰平 = pacific ocean
泰平の眠りを覚ます = the sleeping pacific ocean is awaken
上喜撰 = joukisen = 蒸気船 = steam ships
四杯 = shihai = 四隻 = 4 vessels
上喜撰たった四杯で = with a mere 4 vessels of steam ships
夜も眠れず = we can no longer sleep in the night

cool right?
this is my agar agar(rough and inaccurate) translation..but still rather close to the actual one!
so well, enjoy!

i got this from my ARts in the age of colonialism class..
it’s a cool module to take, if not for the LONG AND FUCKING boring student presentations at the end of every lectures.




  1. i assume the second translation is yours?
    hahah haven’t seen you for AGES man… girl i mean!
    *keeping my fingers crossed that u still rem me*

  2. haha of course i remember you…
    the funniest guy in ACJC!! haha DOH! i mean… the nicest…
    the second translation is somewhat mine coz i cant remember what the lecturer said. Coz there was this irritating bitch in lecture TYPING (note: with loud noise) in the lecture.. hard to concentrate!
    let’s meet up soon with mark n gang… shall go rampage ur house again!!


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