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DSO actually selected me to go for interview!! woohoo
but the reason is most probably no one else chose DSO to go for Industrial attachment. Still, WOOHOOO!!!
I would so love to work with insects’ brains and analyse them, model a computer program(AI) after humans and insects’ brain for the whole of next semester!! hahaha
it’s always better than doing data entry and microsoft excel spreadsheet for some shitty company. HEHEHEHEHE!!
*goes off sniggering in some mushroomy corner of her room*

-Orangeline- is in extremely orgasmic-ly good mood now



  1. Congrats babe~!
    WooHoo~ You DESERVE it!!
    haha.. happy interview on friday while me and ad slog in 302 lab.. BooHoo~

  2. TYTY!!! hehe im so happy lo.. get to skip 302 hahahaha
    but well, u get to go china leh… overseas for the next sem!! lol (in no way im suan-ing u -_-||)

    i kan cheonging (cold sweat) for the interview.. i always screw them up!! how?? sigh….

    anyway this friday’s lab..nothing need to hand in code what


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