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Exhibitionist Priest to be exact, not that it’s much of his choice.
Aelys, the twin brother of Druid Ealys. He is born to be a great magic user, but since young, everyone was not able to differentiate Aelys and Ealys, so Aelys made up his mind to be DIFFERENT from Ealys.

Ealys became a druid during his roll while Aelys chose to be a priest. At the beginning, he wanted to help as many people as possible. However, the more he uses the shadow arts, the more he is attracted to the dark side. Is he going to be able to go down the right path?
or is he going to fall , like the rest of the Shadow Priests?

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  1. *maniacal laughter* I miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!! *pout* Why oh why do we have to live so far away from each other?! I always wonder why I have no friends, and I thought it was because there was no one like Tim and I– but I was wrong. There ARE others like us, but we’re VERY RARE. So rare, in fact, that the nearest match lives on the other side of the GLOBE!
    ( Don’t mind me, I’m just grumpy. Hehe. )

  2. Hail to that, babe!! we love you guys so much… don’t worry we’ll visit you and you guys will have a chance to get to singapore…(not that it’s a magnificant place -.-) my life time ambition now is to get a house big enough so that we can home-stay you, Tim, Tiana and Ethan!!! hahaha!!

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