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Title: 音符の手紙
Artist/Band: Miyavi
Album: 雅楽 (Gagaku)

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*Updated* (17 July 2007) I’ve re-uploaded the song



Onpu no Tegami
words & music : Miyavi

Jouzukunai piano dakedo, kiitekureru kana,
Tatta surii koodo demo, tsutawaru kana.

Itsumo, itsumo kimi ni zutto ienakatta koto ga arunda,
Demo kotoba ni sun no hetakuso dashi, tereru kara onpu ni shita yo.

Tatoe kono nodo ga zuta zuta ni bukkowaretemo, polyp de kichattemo,
Isshougai, kimi no tame, anata no tame, shout shiteyou.
Tte, ima kimeta. Kimechatta

Onpu no Tegami (Letter in MusicaNotes)
words & music : Miyavi

I’m really bad at the piano, but would you still listen to me
Would you understand at least three chords of it.

Theres something I never had a chance to say to you for so long now,
But I’m bad with words and it’s kinda embarrassing so I made them into notes.

Even if my throat gets slashed and broken, even if I become diseased*,
I swear my life, for you, just for you, I’ll keep on shouting.
I just decided.

*disease – in the original lyrics it was written as polyp; a nasal or uterine tumor caused by infected mucous membrane which can result in cancer.

Lyrics taken from:

*Please leave a note if the link is broken.



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