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This is the live version

Shou(Vo) did not do very well here, but still, this is a superb live!! The whole band, the coordination! The passion from the audience! I love it! I love Nao(Dr)! His drumming was good here! hehe I don’t really know how to judge but well… I just like it in this song(more so that other Alice Nine songs, I used to like Akatsuki ALOT)

This is the PV version (which is perfect!)

isn’t this song the most perfect song!!
the lyrics are nice too. I think it’s written by 将(Shou) the vocalist!
aren’t they cute?!? hahaha cutest band on earth, they are!!! loveeee them!! i wanna hug all of them as I go to sleep!
ugh… esp Shou and Nao… hehe

Lyrics in romanji

Yami ni Chiru Sakura
Lyrics: Shou
Music: Alice Nine.

sakura maichiru kisetsu ni kunou kara nigedashita hanashi aa
koe wo koroshi owari matsu dare mo boku wo mitekurenakute

dare mo kare mo hiteishita, kyozetsushita.

yume de mita kore kara to nijinde kakenai tegami
yami dake ga yasashikute tsurakute hitomi wo tsubutteta

atari no keshiki ni mi wo hisome najimu iro wa mitsukaranakute
semete yoru no yami ni dake kakurete kiete shimaouto

te wo kaketa

dare mo kare mo hiteishita, kyozetsushita.

shuumaku no kane ga naru hakanai yume kara sameta
sayounara itoshii hito harukaze ga boku wo yurashiteta

sakura ga susuri naku koro…

Translated Lyrics in English

Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) Scattered in the Darkness

The story of the escape from misery in the season when the cherry blossoms dance and scatter, aaah
I silence my voice and wait for the end, no one takes notice of me

I denied everyone, I rejected everyone.

The “From now on” I saw in my dream, blurred, with the letter I could not write
Only the darkness was kind, heart-breaking; I shut my eyes.

Concealing myself into the nearby scenery, I couldn’t find a colour to blend into
At least I might be able to disappear into the darkness of the night

My hand was offered

I denied everyone, I rejected everyone.

The bell of closure rang, I awoke from the fleeting dream
Goodbye, beloved; the spring breeze swayed me

When the cherry blossoms weeped…

Lyrics taken from
thanks for their stuff! it’s not ez these days to find translated lyrics of bands online (or m I just useless)



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  1. here’s a little petition to bring Alice Nine to Europe:

    Please sign it and tell all your friends to do the same!!


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