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just before I go crazy (or grazy), the school is wise enough to give me a one week break.

Just for the record, in this one week’s time, I have to finish my Art in the age of colonialism presentation-project (with Simin, Adlina and Linus), i have to completely understand the query and normalisation part of database module for the labwork, and i have to complete the business plan with four others.

What kind of fucked up break is this?
We gals (Simin, Adlina & me) were still eating Swensen’s Ice-cream a while ago at Jurong Point “celebrating” the end of the first half of the semester. But I just realised that there’s nothing to celebrate for. ARGH!!!

Everything’s (almost) due on the week after the break. How can they do this to me(pooor me)!! The break is there for us to do our projectS – that’s my conclusion!

I hate school!



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