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Simin told me that SMU gonna setup a Law faculty too. So I went, “Oh my, there are going to be more and more redundant lawyers in Singapore in the future.”
anyway, that’s so out of point!

I came out with this analogy when we were talking about how smart Law and Medicine students are. (the smart here refers to their ability to memorize)

A Law student’s brain capacity can be referred to a 500GB hard disk. It is so since they can memorize hell lots of past cases and stuff like that. Medicine student? Around the same capacity of harddisk since they have to memorize hell lots of medical stuff, not forgetting the whole anatomy of human, the weird names of all different kinds of bones, veins, vessels and organs that we don’t even know existed.

Me? Mine’s a 256MB RAM!! Random-accessed Memory. Once I reboot, everything’s gone. Absolute zero memorizing skill. But I read and write faster. hehe…



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