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well, i was reading colin and kero’s blog… (if you are homophobic… please do not enter their blog and start hurling abuses at them… you have no right to… they deserve more respect than alot of people out there.)

talking about homosexuality, i don’t even understand why is there such a term to start with… to me, i don’t think gender is really in the love equation.
one problem with them, might be, they keep saying they like guys… but isn’t the case being, the other party that they fall in love with just happen to be a male?
while, for the “normal” people out there, they simply fall in love with the opposite gender.
my theory for that (i haven’t been reading much, so if my theory is wrong… or isn’t all that right based of whatever 10000 pages thick books that you had read ever since you’re three…pardon me…and give me a break):
nobody is born with a sexual orientation, they just simply conform to social norms.
simply state, they see couples being one male and a female, ever since they were young. Thus developing the mentality that it is only “right” to have a partner of the opposite side… “opposite” “attracts”…

i seriously think that it’s the chemistry that pulls two person together. Age, gender, race, religion, nationality… really doesn’t matter. However, people out there face different kinds of pressure from the society and their family, thus the “preference” subconsciously.

A mass majority of the human population is burdened with the responsibilty of reproduction…
but is that really a main purpose for falling in love?
if you are one who thinks that one gets into a relationship, supposedly after falling in love with the other party, and therefore, should get married after the relationship stabilizes. What’s next? to fuck alot and reproduce like my sister’s rabbits?
if im your partner… i’ll feel like a tool… a tool to reproduce~
fuck you…
i still belive that engaging in sex is for a couple to be even closer to each other… zero centimetre kinda distance… feel each other even more than the usual…

oh … by the way… for guys who thinks that it’s ok for two woman to kiss and have lesbian kinky kinda sex but it’s utterly beastly for guys to get together …
go screw your own ass k? ^_^
you are such a loser… fuck your own ego … oh … i forgotten … you don’t have any~

-Angeline- is being vulgar again … -_-||



  1. Wah.. why so much anger? so much hate? =P

  2. lol
    not hate la…
    they are not worth my hate…
    just voicing out …
    feeling crappy even though it’s the end of the exams for me..


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