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woohooo…. i came over to Kallang Mac right after i finished watching SuperBand on Channel U…
well, all i can say is…there’s this band with three good-looking guitarists and a very out-of-place vocalist,
overall, lots of oddballs and i had my good laughs over them (im mean)
Lucify (the band that i was looking forward to) wasn’t all that good though they were “visual” enough.
Image hosting by Photobucket

(i still prefer the band with three good-looking guitarists… man, how did they
manage to gather THREE cute guitarists in this tiny world of Singapore?!)
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the last band (band no. 18) was rather crap & junk, i don’t know why they had such good feedback from the judges…
the three little boys (迷路兵)are quite good… !!
there we go, with the younger generation!!

the band that went on with their own composition… they were actually good!! heehee
i think that’s RustyNailz…their song was really Jrock-ish … heehee..ultra cool..though a little monotonous… but still, cool~
Image hosting by Photobucket

there was one at the beginning that i thought was rather good, though they are a Trio … which is quite a weird number for a band (to me) …
they are Jing Bao Yue Tuan… JRock influenced band, as stated in sgJrock forums

another band worth mentioning was the one with the percussionist singing with the vocalist.
since Kami from Malice Mizer, i’ve always thought that it’s really cool to see percussionist harmonizing or singing with the vocalist!!

im really cranky right now, just had my share of midnight oil and im all set to sleep through the rest of the day.

this is one of my favs from Gackt’s concerts…enjoy~

-Angeline- “all pictures taken from”


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