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ah…this was uncalled for… haha

anyway… the long hair guy/lady-look-alike is ChaChamaru from GacktJob…
i absolutely love him… (not more than Gackt of course)
he’s superb!! superb at the guitar…
he’s my god…

Chacha looking ultra cool with the guitar…~

so basically im idolizing two other men other than Gackt, one is Chachamaru…the guitarist for GacktJob and the other is Mana, the guitarist + band leader for the Malice Mizer… Mana is like…the prettiest man on earth…

Malice Mizer disbanded in 2001 if i didn’t remember wrongly and well, they went on their own ways. All i know is that, Mana is now with this band named Moi dix Mois.

just for the sake of it… these are my top ten favourite songs:
(not in order)
1. Last Song
2. Redemption
3. Doomsday
4. Emu
5. U+K
6. Love Letter
7. Ash
8. Fragrance – because it reminds of Gackt licking his microphone stand ultra-sexily…
9. Speed Master
10. Toudokanai Ai to Shitteita no ni

yep…. all Gackt’s songs…
ultra superlicious…

gotta go back to my revision…(exams are created by cruel + heartless bastards)



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