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I’m a chao rotter… coz i haven’t been studying for TWO WHOLE DAYS…
the holiday mood is setting in … how?? this is serious. damn.
but luckily, im meeting Simin early … before the Harry Potter movie to study 204 at Cafe Cartel at Marina Sq.
Alittle ridiculous but that’s how desperate we are at that module.
Algorithm? Kill me… You can throw me the textbook, notes, tutorial(and tutorial solutions) but i still cannot understand anything about it.
I guess i’m not a born analyst.

Anyway, the iPod Mini is fantastic… great sound and stuff. But, im still not used to using an iPod. And now, im considering(seriously) to get an iPod Nano or something. it’s so sleek!! But, I still love my ORANGE Zen Micro!! (hugs the invisible entity that used to be there)

This is going to be a sleepless night for me. There are so many reasons:
– i don’t have my ORANGE Zen micro with me
– im gonna watch Harry Potter in less than 20 hrs time
– I just watched the last episode of LOST season one!! it’s ultra super duper fantasticulous(or something like that) … AWESOME!!
– i have SIX seasons of the Simpsons to watch..and im still deciding if i should watch them instead of sleeping
– there’s a freaking huge cockroach(bigger than *cockroach-sama)looming around in my room, and i don’t know where she is
last spotted? on my BED!! freak!!
*If you don’t know who’s cockroach-sama, you should check out the archives, hahaha… it’s around 2004 when i was studying for my exams… though she died under the merciless spray of Bygon …
– some other reasons that i don’t feel like saying



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