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this is a long and tiring day…
first, the paper killed half of me …
next, i brought my precious-cannot-live-without baby Zen micro ALL the FUCKING way down to Creative CARE centre(are there care bears over there? or are they trying to sound like Nokia CARE centre?) and wanna know what? The friendly girl at the service counter said, “Sorry, we don’t do repair services here and so we would have to send your mp3 player for tests and checks. AFTER that then we can replace a new one for you when the stock arrives. And that will(fucking) be in TWO to THREE weeks time.”
i was…SHOCK!! not surprised kind of shock but END-of-WORLD kind of APPALLED kind of shock!!!
TWO TO THREE WEEKS without my mp3 player would be HELL!! (though i can still use my palm top for that same purpose but it’s not ORANGE in color…so it still feels different)
so i asked her politely if i could collect my mp3 player earlier, any color will do(actually NOT!! i will ONLY WANT AN ORANGE COLOR ZEN MICRO, you could change a Zen MICRO PHOTO or something that costs more , i don’t really mind!!)
coz i can’t live without it…
it was really nice of her to tell me really nicely and patiently(im sorry to shock her with my freaked out attitude then!! Gomen~) that they will have to wait for the next shipment which they can’t really confirm when, so even the “TWO TO THREE WEEKS” is an estimation!!
luckily Simin was with me… otherwise, i would have fainted on the spot…
from the shock of not-going-to-have-an-ORANGE-mp3-player-for-the-next-god-knows-how-long!!
but, what exactly is their point now?
they need to check the problem with my player? or are they waiting for the next shipment?
after so much explanation and apologies from the girl, i still yoko wakan nai…
(i.e. don’t know what the fuck’s going on…~)

Simin bought this pair of super chio blue ear phones from Creative!! i wanted to get the Orange one… but …BOOHOOOHOO … i don’t even have my precious baby ORANGE Zen Micro with me now.. i shall get the ear phones when i collect my baby~
I was really tempted to get the web cam though~ they look cool~ but i always believed that Creative stuff sux(it’s my own stand, im saying based on personal experience)
they give you one year’s warranty. and well, their products really last for one year… nothing more but sometimes, less than one year…
for e.g. my Zen Micro…HUNG THREE FREAKING TIMES in a year!!

anyway, after that, we headed for my mom’s house in a taxi(i was too lazy to go there by bus or whatsoever)…
n when we were there, Simin performed her superb piano playing skills…
i was in awe!! she can play so well!!! *clap clap clap*
n the only song i could play is Long Long Ago …

haha… we went to read in which i soon fell asleep from the accumulation of the late nights…

after that, i sent her to the bus stop and her parents came to picked her up..
Mommy’s house is really ulu ulu pandan!! gotta walk for so freaking long to get to a bus stop… argh!! cant blame me for taking cab all the time eh…~

oh … oh… after knowing that Creative TOOK my mp3 player away from me , Mommy volunteered to lend me her iPod Mini … how nice right…
*muackz* thankx mom!!

so hahaha, i’ll be using a PINK iPod mini for the time being…
it’s not that bad after all… but i’ll still miss you…my baby ORANGE Zen Micro~

Err… when i was walking back to my mom’s house with my sis Tiffany … after sending Simin out, i took some pics…

of kitties

A really pretty cat posing for me..(i think)
i love cats…

so unfriendly, unlike the ones near my house~
pretty kitty is asking “dao”-cat(dialect word for snobbish and acting cool..or something like that) “why aren’t you posing for the nice and cute girl over there?” hahahaha

well…as we continue on the topic on animals ….
i took really cute pictures of Caramel and Mocha…
they are my sister’s rabbits(in case you don’t know what the hell i’m ranting about)

This is Mocha…the little girl… smaller in size…black rings around her eyes!!
alittle pyschopathic..
probably suffering from menstrual cramps or something…
ahhh!! i know…it’s the PMS … hahaha
a rather tame and gentle little girl if you’re not on her back err not i mean bad side…

This is Caramel…the one with brown rings around his eyes…the big bad boy, always finding chance to hump the poor little girl(that might explain why Mocha is so small in size… over exertion or something)
the big EATER!! snatches Mocha’s food!! i always scold him for that… naughty Caramel…
he STRUGGLES a lot when you try to hold him…
as i said, a big bad boy!!

haahaa i love them!! they are soo harmonious?

Caged~ so sad right…but they love their cage… n it’s their dock … their hiding place…
whenever space-alien-Tiffany-Chan comes back from school… n heads straight for them…they just simply hide in the corner..n well *smilez*
she cant reach them.

Two evil sisters…who finds any chance to hug to rabbits and err… torture them…
u think so? bah … ignoront fools…
we love them as much as we love each other…
mind you… my sister cant stop hugging me when she sees me…
we hug each other as we walk on the streets!! Sisterly-love!!
she kisses me too!!

but!! one picture is enough to spoil everything…
while we were walking home… i asked her… is this picture nice?

and she went, “who is that?” very innocently.
I was like… “huh… that’s me la!!”
err… (getting pissed)
then she went,”no lo, don’t look like you.”

talk about sisterly love~

i took that picture when i was studying for my 202 paper…in the middle of the night!!
n i was so tired that i couldnt even smile properly!!
i feel deprived of happiness!!

-Angeline- loves her sister!!


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