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something that i cant live without has just betrayed my trust and died!!
it hung at the start up screen where it goes “prrringgg…” and shows the “CREATIVE” logo … it supposes to go to my “Now Playing” screen but err… well, for now, it doesn’t…
ahhhhhhhhh … i’m gonna have to live without an mp3 player, my Creative Zen Micro(orange in color) for more than 24 hrs… and that is, if my warranty hasn’t expired or something .
This is bad. Real bad. What if… what if the god damned warranty expired? and i have to get a new mp3 player? (actually that sounds absolutely fine~ hiakz hiakz hiakz! i would have a legitimate reason to get my iPod Nano or the N70 to replace my Zen Micro!!) But still, i would be Mp3-player-less for god-knows how long…
Nobody, i repeat…NOBODY can imagine Angeline without an mp3 player…
i go everywhere with one… even when i go to the toilet to poop… i bring my loyal little orange guy along . (Now, i cant sell my Zen micro even if i’ve gotten it fixed. Damn~)

When my mom called me just now, i was hinting that my mp3 player spoilt and died on me. So she went, “Why do you listen to your mp3 player when you’re studying?”
i was like, “DUHZ? i need music when im studying… i cant live without it!!”
(i wasn’t that rude… I’m a mommy’s girl with a red hood – akazukin Angel to be exact!)
too bad, mommy didn’t get the hint, otherwise… i would be getting an iPod Nano for Xmas (like how i got the Zen micro from last Xmas)

Sometimes, i just wish mommy and daddy read my blog.



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