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weird post entry…but well,
the other day, my friend asked me a question, “What’s your ideal guy like?”
and so i went thinkng about it…
after frying my brains, i came up with a list:
– knows what he wants in life (not necessarily common stuff like “I want to be the richest man in the world”-kind-of-thing)
– knows what he wants and is working towards it
– decisive
– makes reasonable decisions
– makes THE decisions (I fucking hate guys who go “anything lo”; though i go “anything lo” most of the time… but hey, im listing out the characteristics of my ideal guy…)
– smiles only at me
– serious most of the time
– loves animals
– knows when and what to let go, when and what to hold on tightly…. not die die hold on to things that he shouldnt grab onto… i find such idiots pathetic…
– tells me me bad points and wants me to change (reasonably)
– knows when to be mean and when to be gentle (to me)
– un-wimpy-ish
– who is willing to share words of love without shame
– do acts of love without shame
– someone with egoism … but not MCP
– in control of his life
– willing to give me sufficient personal space (we don’t have to share the same interests)
– someone elder-brotherly or fatherly to take control of my lost-control-life
(don’t take this the wrong way, im just sick of taking care of people…tat’s all…just for tonight…let me crap my way out)
– someone who knows how to cheer me up(or at least, make me feel better)when i’m down; not make me feel worse

i guess that’s about all…
haha crappy shit… such a guy will never exit..if you know such a person, do introduce to me *fufufufu*
otherwise,it’s just a dream of mine, my dream guy…so let me dream a little before i go to sleep…



  1. It seems like your ideal guy would have mulitiple personality disorder! Just teasing you! *_* But really, every strength has its corresponding weakness, just like every person has highs and lows. Many of the strengths you desire exist, but only in people with flaws that correspond. A kind, considerate, gentle man will tend to want to put your opinions before his own, and might feel like he is so lucky to have you that he may not want to try and change you. A man who would be willing to “take charge” like you describe is not likely to be gentle or considerate, and will more often than not consider you a possession rather than a companion. One must weigh the sum rather than place too much value on the individual components… If you spend your life looking for perfection, you’ll miss out on the beauty that you already possess. *hugs*

  2. hehe … that’s why I’m “sticking” to what I already possess… sounds kinda harsh huh… but ideal is more of a technical word here… it means more of like an ideal model, just for reference, not practical and can never be attained but still, all real models can be based on the “ideal models” haha (i think i studied too much boohoo)
    /hug misses you guys so so much

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