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yay!! im super happy!!
hahaha i’ve gotten my tix to watch Harry Potter with a bunch of friends on the 16th…
im going with Eric, enehick and Simin…how cool is that?
err..actually i don’t find it very cool but since im using a Mac i wanna type more…
i loveeee the keyboard though i keep having typos…

im currently at my mom’s place(looking after the house for her; she’s in Shanghai suffering the winter!! hiakz hiakz hiakz, oh …plus… she bought LOST and Simpsons DVD for me!!)
however, im heading back home tonight after dinner!
duhz… i’ve been here since friday night…
so i’ve been “internet-less” for like…err.. THREE days??
i didn’t know how did i survived through that… hahaha

Yesterday night, i watched this super lame Spoof of “Dawn of the Dead” and its called “Shaun of the Dead”…
it’s freaking lame!! though it’s not that bad for a boring saturday night!! haha… and the zombies are…err.. NOT scary?
lolz… i even chose to watch it over Stephen King’s “Kingdom Hospital” that was showing on AXN (man i love cable)
Kingdom Hospital was freaky
especially when im in a freaking big room!!

anyway… that’s enough crapping… i gotta go back to my studying…(i’ve got not life)
see you guys back on MSN when im home…the MSN on Mac sux big time!!




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