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I’m super stuffed up to the brim… i believe Eric and enehick are both puking at home now…(joking)
we bloody ate too much… let me see… Seafood platter for two + black pepper stingray(wasn’t that nice, too salty) and err… Swensen’s Giant EARTHQUAKE!!!
let me see if i can remember the flavors that we ordered…hmm *thinking*
Chocolate, chocolate freckles, chocolate chip, sticky chewy chocolate, cookies n cream, strawberry(Eric ho wants it, he loves Strawberry esp Ichigo100% with all the upskirts and stuff… hahahaha… out of point!!), thin mint(i took a tiny mouth and didn’t touch it after that, enehick had to finish that huge scoop of MINT), Frosted Chocolate Malt(YUCK!! i almost died eating it)

haha … we finished everything… i mean…EVERYTHING…
basically, with eric ard, Swensens and Fish and Co. can don’t wash the dishes that we used!!

and well, i took a picture a enehick… i shall threaten to publish his picture again!! haha i did that in the past, i think…quite some time ago!!

i should have taken some pictures of wat we had for dinner…. the Seafood platter for TWO was goooooood….
but well…
my Samsung couldn’t do much… a Nokia N70 could do the job…

I want that phone!! so im saving up for it…
or at least, im TRYING to save up for it…

simin and Eric want it too!! then all of us can do video conferencing… yay~

I want an iPod Nano too… oh yah… a Song PSP too~~
i just want so many things… after exams…it’s time to get a job

-Angeline- is feeling greedy … but she feel’s like puking from eating too much… || is trying to find the song that was playing in Chicken Little’s trailer!!


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