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sometimes, i wonder… why i don’t start liking n go obssessed over Ichigo … hmm
since he has ORANGE hair , n he’s cool… n he’s the hero n everything!! i go n like Byakuya instead!!

haha… i’ve decided to like both anyway… that’s after episode 54 of Bleach…
alittle late u might say… but it’s my choice!! hmm…
eh…wait wait wait!! i also like my Aizen!! Aizen is also super cute!! haha i love bad guys !!

okok a little out of point… i wanna go some screenshotz on episode 54… but err… i gotta go revise some jap before jap class later…coz i skipped the lesson on tuesday to study for my quizzes on wednesday … so i gotta go read up now…

another day maybe!!

i wanna be Rukia… feel like getting her hairstyle… (i told mark that.. n he laughed… did he?? err…nvm…he wants Sousuke’s(from FMP)hairstyle; i like that hairstyle… but i told him that he probably gotta spend a lot of money on gel!!)

p/s: im uploading the song “Number One” that was playing in Episode 54 when Ichigo was trashing the vice-captains… u can direct download when it’s ready anytime soon!!



  1. nawww i want rukia in general, being rukia would suck…
    Think about it…

  2. Hey um i wouldn’t want to be Rukia for One reason and one only because she think’s it’s all her falt that Ichigo got injurd very badly. And i now she’s going to be exaquted but even so i still would be Rukia if she “is” going to exaquted like i said i only ain’t going to Rukia well wouldn’t be Rukia because she think’s Ichigo’s injury’s are all her falt.

  3. hey… what’s so bad about being Rukia? that’s so weird…
    and what’s “exaquated” ??

    I don’t remember saying I wanna be Rukia before… but I’m going to say it now!


    *Byakuya is nice to me
    *I’ll get to meet Aizen (though he will want to kill me)
    *I’m close to Ichigo
    *I’ll have funky hairstyle
    *and my Bankai is COOL in ALL ways!

    how’s that?

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