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this is another post for sighing!! SIGHING SESSION… so if you are feeling very depressed/on the verge of suicide or just looking around for happy stuff… DON’t continue!!

Sometimes i really wonder why are parents(esp Singaporean parents) so persistent about —- “Oh my kid did poorly in Math, so he/she is going to be a failure in society in the future!!” WAT SCREWED UP LOGIC?? MATH IS NOT EVERYTHING!!
STUDIES ARE NOT EVERYTHING!! I’m really quite pissed… you know what’s the understatement in that mentality? They just want their kids to be “successful”(in their own definition) in the future so that they will be able to give the parents a good life… YAH CLING ON TO ur kids as life buoy… it’s this kind of mentality that drives ur kids crazy and THAT IS WHY THEY DO NOT WANT TO TAKE CARE OF YOU when u are old…sueing them does not make any sense, does it?
u give them life.. yeah i agree..(im thankful to my mom n dad for that) but it’s THEIR OWN life afterall…
planning everything for them, making sure they go to extra lessons/tuitions on time might be your way of making SURE of their future for them but is that what they really want?

The incident that spurred me to write this blog entry was my sister’s math test results. ok,it sux! n my mom got all paranoid over it….
FOR GOODNESS SAKE!! my sister is only PRIMARY ONE!!! n she is good in her English and Chinese…
you know what my mom did?
she put her on tuition for math EVERYDAY till her final year exams!?!?!?
tuition EVERYDAY!?!? for a primary one girl?? i didnt have tuition till i was taking my A lvls….
My mom was complaining to me that my sister’s math sux yesterday over the phone…
so i was telling her, everyone’s good in different stuff… at least Tiff(nickname for my sister) is good in her languages… in which is rather uncommon among the younger children nowadays….
then my mom went, “Good in language is good for nothing, if her math is poor, she will not achieve as much.”
I was like 0.0 then 0.o
after that i calmly told my mom, “she can do arts in the future wat, since she like drawing, playing the piano and stuff.”
and my mom did the very repulsive kind of reaction.
haixx n u can guess her reaction… she went on to say not that much of a future.
i got pissed…can u imagine if i tell her i wanna go Japan n take a degree in Japanese Language and Literature , and stay there to teach after graduating?
i cant imagine wat she’ll say.
but that’s not the main point.

The main pt is… Parents nowadays just cannot accept that their kids are not highflyers. Personally, i think life is alot more than just getting a degree and earning lots of money…


ok i feel better now!!



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