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I haven been updating my blog… coz im fussing over school work plus labwork…
there are like 6 modules(general electives inclusive) n out of the 6 … three of them got labs…wat fuck?
the worst of all is 203’s lab – programming!!!
the first n second lab is GUI!!
ELEVATOR SIMULATION…n with NO help from the fucked up lecturer…im dying from doing it….

even after watching the super satisfying Phase 43 of Gundam Seed Destiny… i dint even have the time to do screenshotz for it…
(i clapped my hands like mad throughout the whole episode thoughz… thoroughly enjoyed the episode!! shant spoil it for you… but Mwu n Ramius got back together…ooOOoo sorrie … me n my big mouth .. i did it again!!! -_-||)

sighz… it’s only the beginning of the semester n im like REVISING tutorials already..
WAT M I DOING?? *slaps myself*
y am i acting like a BLOODY NERD?!?!
haixx….i was studying at MAC during the weekends… n ard me…all i could see are kids studying for their A or O levels…
so Y AM I REVISING when it’s only three weeks into the semester??

anyway… on a happier note…
i’ve gotten away with the first voting that i nearly had to go through…
Singapore’s next president is still Nathan…
if they had set the election date on a weekday n there’ll be a holiday..i wouldnt mind going down to vote…
but the idiotic thing happens to be on a SATURDAY!!?!?
y set an election date on a Saturday??
it’s lucky for me that the nominees are all not elligible…(are they REALLY NOT elligible? hmmz … nothing!!! 0.o just wondering)

gonna sign up for JLPT4 … dunno if i will pass but i shall try my best…
haix…my katakana n kanji suxx…
so Simin shall be my tutor!!
hehehe~~ i shall rely WHOLLY on you girl… *fufufufufu*

-Angeline- tells herself, “WORK HARD for all Bs so that you can go Japan for your IA next YEAR”


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