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My mom n uncle had gotten two super cute rabbits for my sister…
all she had to do was to spell “Responsibility” …
n well… with the Phonics classes that she took when she was little n a little help from me…she did manage to spell it n “earned” herself two cute bunnies…
but i must say that she’s a typical singaporean with absolutely NO creativity!!

she actually named the bunnies Mocha n Caramel?!?! just because one has brown rings n the other one has black rings around their eyes…
n why the one with black rings is called Mocha…isnt Mocha brownish or something like that?!?!

here are the bunnies…
i cant wait to cuddle them… but school isnt letting me off…
poor me… *sayang*

Image hosted by

-Angeline- wanna make her future home a ZOO!! ^_^ heehee~


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