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I got myself a new phone… it’s the a PDA that what u call them..
anyway it’s a HUGE phone…n it’s embarrasing whenever i have to answer phone calls in public… o.O||

I took a few pictures with it… n at the same time…wanna show off some of my recently acquired stuff…

Image hosted by
These are my new Hello Kitty mech pencils…i love them coz they are so nice~~

Image hosted by
my FF bear hugging my new pencils… they will never fight each other for my love… i love all equally…
(i just picked FF bear up from the floor dunno how many days ago…*fufufufu*)

i dunno if im allowed to post scary pictures on my site…but well…
here they are…
introducing…Zombie Lupin from Maple Story in various expressions!!! -_-||

The F5 expression F3 expression no.1 F3 expression no.2

*shudders* how scary!!
now now…dun get nightmares people… ^_^

-Angeline- eric will never let me take his pictures again…*sad*


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