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im super down on Vitamin “M” … *sobz*
coz i just sold my laptop…n bought a PDA …
not only that… i took ALL my money n returned to someone that i no longer consider as a close friend… to cut all ties…though i still have some other stuff that has to settle with him (for e.g. my handphone line is still under his name…. -_-||)

therefore… today …im gonna make n “Unbreakable Vow” (those Harry Potter fans will know what is it) with all of u…
*please imagine that u are holding my hand…kkk dun puke…* (i’ve prepared buckets already…don’t worry if that really happened.. ^_^ *smilez*)

(Adaptation from HP and The Half-Blood Prince … all rights go to J.K Rowling)

In a very dark room….with a Bonder standing beside you and me…
I lower myself so that I’m kneeling opposite you. We grasped right hands.
The Bonder placed the tip of his wand on our linked hands.
You say,”Will you, Angeline, save up $50 a week till u top up the $500 in your bank account?
I will,” I say.
A thin tongue of brillant flame issues from the wand and winds its way around our hands like a red-hot wire.
And will you, to the best of your ability, save even more than expected so that you can cultivate the greater habit of saving for the future?
I will,” I say.
A second tongue of flame shoots from the wand and interlinks with the first, making a fine, glowing chain.
And should it prove necessary … if you are tempted to spend the money, especially on mangas and animes …” you whisper (My hand twitches within yours, but I do not draw away), “will you resist the temptation and control your urge to buy till you have top up the 500 bucks in your bank account?
There was a moment’s silence. The Bonder watches, his wand upon our clasped hands, his eyes wide.
I will,” I say.
The Bonder’s astounded face glowed red in the blazed of a third tongue of flame, which shoots fromt he wand, twisting with the others and binds itself thickly around our clasped hands, like a rope, like a fiery snake.

-Angeline- really regrets her way of spending money in the past….

All rights to J.k. Rowling...this is an adaptation from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince...


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