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Warning : Hell lots of SPOILERS … if you have not finished reading or have not even bought/started on the book … please do not highlight the spoilers part … -_-||
I’m a prat i know… i like giving out spoilers?? NO..i just wanna discuss with people who have finished reading… n share interesting info n ideas…. ^_^

If you have not bought this book, go buy it at yuor nearest bookstore now!!(or else i’ll bite! *ROAR* ) Any decent bookstore WILL and SHOULD have it!!! ^_^

If you have not started on the HP series, or you think it’s childish, lack of action/violence/too disney-like … you can bang your head on the wall n let your brain matter splash out in a violent manner…(is that violent enough?? *smiles innocently* )

This book will make the time spent on reading the the first five books worth while… You can finish the first three books in less than half a day…so why not give it a try?? *saying in a half-threatening tone but nonetheless… smiling~*

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is way x 2 darker than Order of the Phoenix…
There is a further development in the 3 main characters’ personality from the previous book … pimples will seem less of a problem for them though i don’t know why they seem to mention it quite often…^_^ probably to emphasize puberty…

i shall point out the main events in the book..therefore the spoilers…
n some of my personal opinions…
pls remember that this is MY blog… i can say what i wanna say..
if u dun agree …u are invited to voice out your own disagreement n opinions …
just dont send me hate mails or start scolding me in the tagboard or the comments section for no apparent reasons…
also, abt the spoilers…i did put out a warning…didn’t i?? ^_^

Visit Dumbledore is not dead for detailed explanations n FAQs on Half-blood Prince…
i love the answers n explanations there!!! i support their ideas n thinking with both hands n feets raised!!! *nodz nodz*
exactly what im thinking!!
i love baracudaaa for referring the link to me…
aiya…dun paiseh
wan to refer links…just refer!! ^_^ *hugz*

(Highlight the following section for spoilers)

First, i would like to make my stand clear….
I’m not convinced that D is dead (due to ALOT of reasons)…
n since the first book…i’ve been convinced that Snape is on D’s side…no matter WHAT happens!!! ^_^

Chapter one : The Other Minister
-Well…they brought Fudge’s reign to an end…he was an incompetent fool…
(im part of DA…Dumbledore’s Army ^_^)
-and Rufus..the ex Head of Department of Aurors …takes over as Minister
-but seriously, and personally…i dun like Rufus… the way he talks to Harry and all..though my gut feeling tells me… that he’s on the right side…but if he’s on the right side…y would Dumbledore quarrel with him…n not let him meet Harry…
-I guess there’s this thing about the ministry(esp the minister who is the leader) in the story… it’s like an isolated party… neither good nor bad…but doing things in its own way…sometimes hindering D’s(D for Dumbledore),sometimes stopping Voldemort….

Chapter two : Spinners End
-That was where Snape stayed… b4 he ‘killed’ D …(im not convinced that he killed D, shall rant on that later)
-Draco’s Mom, Narcissa n Sirius’s cousin (who killed him…DAMN her!! i liked him so much… boohooo *sobz*) Bellatrix visited Snape…
-Apparently…Voldemort had asked Draco to kill someone for him… (hahaha serves him right…*doing the “orbi” action*)
-n he has a mom who loves him so much that she made Snape do the “Unbreakable Vow” that he will help him accomplish whatever he fails to do…
-at this point…i was wondering if V(V for Voldemort sent him to kill Harry or D…but come to think of it…V would want to get rid of Harry himself..lolz…how silly of me..the target MUST be D…)
-Take note of this chapter … Snape was kind of forced by circumstances to do the unbreakable vow…

Chapter three : Will and Won’t
-D picks Harry from the Dursley…giving them the shock of their lives…lolz~~ *damn shiok*
-i really like his attitude towards everything esp the Dursley part… if he’s really dead… i will haunt Rowling … *joking*
-we will know that Sirius left “number twelve, Grimmauld Place” n lots of other stuff to Harry … thus leaving Kreacher(the irritating bastardy house elf) to him too~ *pukez* i hate the split personality kind of talk ….
-nothing much in this chapter …

Chapter four : Horace Slughorn
-D apparated with Harry to Slughorn’s place(Harry’s first Apparation exp)…nothing interesting…but at first… Rowling did not bother to even hint to you that Slughorn’s gonna take over as the Potion’s Prof… n i was thinking that he’s gonna be the next defence of the dark arts Prof…
-i felt so cheated…lolz
-maybe the only notable point is that…Slughorn treasures(isnt worship a betta word?) talent…muggle-born n pureblood alike…so as long u are talented…he doesnt really discriminate…
-he used to teach Harry’s mom…Lily James…n likes her as a student!!

-Angeline- since there are detailed explanations expressing my views on the site … i shall not crap any longer…they are much more comprehensible than me!! ^_^


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