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Well…what can i say…i still prefer Bleach’s Manga to the anime…
but i just LOVE the OST for Bleach…it’s err…. unique…just like Naruto’s!!
oh…that’s OUT of the damn point.. i got super HIGH after reading chap 186 n 187!! n how can Kubo Tite just throw this mega shock at me…without any warning beforehand…
ok..maybe he did…n my puny lil’brain dint register it…
KS was shocked too~!

Shinketsu == Pure Blood
Translation taken from M7's scanlation of Bleach~ i LOVE them!!! *hugz*

This page is abt Isshin appearing to save Kon’s arse when he’s being chased after by the Hollow that appeared out of nowhere like the Menos Grande… (Ishida is being chased too~ but is saved by his Daddy~ A very cute guy!! cuter than Ishida that is…though he’s an Ishida too…DUHZ!! it’s Ishida’s DAD…err.sorrie for the rambling on!! -_-||)

n after this two chaps…i was like shouting “OMFG”(which is crudely == oh my fucking gawd…sorrie for my hyper-ness)..Isshin is a freaking Shinigami… n they are talking abt pure-bloodness running in Shinigamis?!?!
lolz…n the editor frm M7 was saying…that makes him(plus the rest of the non-shinigami community == muggles)
will Gin and my ultra-beloved Aizen call us MudBlood?!?! huh?? will they?? i sincerely hope not…
(sorry im still very emotionally involved in Harry Potter…just finished the book; will blog abt it soon~)

so that kind of explains why my dear Ichigo(i just love his name~ n’s not becoz i like Strawberries…) can transform into a Shinigami…n i actually tot that it was his mom that was the one with the spiritual powers…not his dad…
i guess i really dont have the talent for getting wat’s really going on in mangas/animes… ~ (after watching GS Destiny…i’ve totally lost my confidence…it’s so freaking unpredictable…same goes to Bleach~ but i LOVE unpredictable stuff!!)

Furthermore…his powers seem to be higher than that of a Captain…
haha…without releasing his Zanpakutou…he can defeat a Hollow with Zanpakutou/Vizard with ease…(a Vizard from what i know till now is a Hollow-Shinigami kind of existance…something like Ichigo…he’s a hollow turned Shinigami…while the one Isshin killed is a Hollow that broke through his mask to become a Shinigami; since one is either a Hollow or Shinigami)

Isshin Kurosaki : “All Captain class Shinigamis control the size of their Zanpakutous, otherwise.. everyone would be swinging around swords the size of skyscrapers like yours. That you can never judge the strength of an opponent by the size of their sword. You should have at least known that much before you challenged me, KID.”

also, he actually knew Kon is Kon…err…m i making sense??

man…how pro can the Kurosaki-Daddy be??? (do click n read … he’s really cool)
*looking at him with glimmering-eyes-kind-of-expression frm Maple Story*

argh~ i dunno la!! it’s freaking complicated…dun come scolding me if anything is wrong!! i just write whatever i think is going on…lolz!! Next spoiler will be Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince…got tons to say ~

-Angeline- shall compile all the MPDs …


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