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First… they changed the OP n ED…
the ED is good~ by See-Saw
so u will grow to love it…
but the OP…OMFG … i started laughing like mad
it doesn’t go with the whole show at all..
a slow song for Destiny’s OP… NO WAY MAN~
though i think i will still get use to it sooner or later…
The new OP is “Wings of Words” By Chemistry…
Chemistry’s songs are nice… but this song just cannot be Destiny’s OP…
Destiny’s OP should have more…err…IMPACT…yeah…IMPACT’s the word…lolz~

New ED’s title is “Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru” i think….
but it sounds okay~ n as usual for See-saw’s song..u have to grow to love it…

Other stuff abt Phase 38 — Spoiler ahead..dun read if u dun wanna know~

-*Athrun thought he’s dead when he sees Kira after so so long…(he thought Kira’s dead; remember?)
but Kira assures him that he’s alive… lolz~
he also mentions that he wanna see Cagalli and Kira…n that supposed to explain his actions…
but did he seem like he misses Cagalli at all in the past few episodeS?!?!?!? HUH??? DID HE?!?! anyone??!

-*We still dunno what the hell Ragnarok is doing up there in space…

-*There are more than one Destroys … after the FIRST Destroy got DESTROYED!!!

-*After failing to get into Athrun’s pants(coz he’s not interested + he ran away with her sis; i guess she’s also pissed by the fact that she lost to her “childish sister”)… Lunamaria tries to get into Shinn’s..(her “my-sis-died-tat’s-y-im-pitiful-n-i-know-how-to-cry-PLAN” kind of suceeded)
Although he’s supposed to be the one who “killed” her “precious” sister…
wat a bitch!!

-*Bitch(Lunamaria) gets Shinn’s old shoes, i.e. Impulse…
n gets herself dizzy … coz Zakus(what she used to plilot) cant sortie~
anyway… Shinn instructs her how to use it…n i cant stand the way he says it..

-*EAF loses the battle…Djibril runs for his arse… n the rest of LOGOS surrender theirs…lolz

-*Shinn destroys all the Destroys~

-*From the ED sequence … we can see Captain Ramius and Mwu back together hand in hand… he wears Orb’s uniform also… *clap clap clap* *spins ard in happiness*

-*Pardon my lack of info recently(due to excessive mapling) but i think i heard a TMR song in the preview for the next episode… please confirm it for me can??

-*Shinn, Rey and Lunamaria seems to be the only able-bodied humans compared to the rest of the people in the whole battle(esp the blueframes when they get annhilated mercilessly), three of them are immortal…they cant die yet… haha… unlike poor Stellar…coz her time was up!! haixxx

-*Destroy is a gigantic, powerful but useless crappy piece of walking metal…

-*Someone should hire a hitman…i’ll gladly pay 1% of it…anyone else??




  1. that is the coming insert song, vestige by T.M.R.

  2. lolz…i knew that it’s a TMR song from the voice…

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