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It’s been a long time since the last Manga Page of the Day…lolz…i havent been reading much online manga… coz i’ve been Mapling too much… im looking ard my kitchen for the lid of the pan (i.e. Pan Lid) coz im a wizard n i need one…lolz
the poison from Maple Story n its withdrawal symtoms…lolzzzzz
lame but
anyway…Sasori is soooooo cute!!! despite the fact that he’s from Akatsuki n he’s a baddie….
haixxx… sometimes i really wonder is Akatsuki a legion of cute guys??
*fufufufufu* Orochimaru is kind of cute too n he was from Akatsuki… hehehe
anyway …

Pulling Strings

im sorry for the spoilers…but Sasori is such a bishounen that i cant stop myself from showing his pic to everyone…lolz~
ok … enough of the “lolz”
anyway … he looks so harmless yet he’s the one who get the ever strongest Third Kazekage into his hands… as ONE OF his puppets somemore… hahaha
talk about precious collections…

but he’s really cute… putting into consideration that he’s great grandmother looks like that~ (eh .. u can imagin urself..she doesnt look very glam)
haha… reminds me a little of Wolfram from Kyou Kara Maou…

yeah..that’s abt all…shall be posting more MPDs if there are any more pages that makes me go “kyaaaaa” or “wooooooowwww” lolz



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