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lolz… WEAK HEART!! hahaha…if you’ve watched it… u will know what i mean…
anyway… i was eating dinner when i was watching this episode…
n i was damn near to the monitor when the ‘Kabuto’ reached for his own heart…
UGH!!! i was super grossed out… not that i cannot take grossy stuff…but not when im eating… -_-|| *cold sweat*
this episode is GROSS… (coz i was eating… hehe)
so …some of the screenshotz to prove my point…

*~WARNING : Spoiler ahead + although the blood are not in red…they are still kind of gross… lolz ~*
Shall not talk much!! nothing to say anyway… enjoy the pix peepz… lolz
comments are available… if u wanna view them…leave ur cursors on the pic …only IE users are able to view the lame comments…~

And so it starts... he slowly gropes aroung his innards for his heart...a black one somemore!! See I told you ... abt the color i mean He gives it a not so gentle squeeze Naruto's tiny black heart... did i say tiny? Nothing but hearts hearts n more hearts... Im not lying...i cross my HEART hahaha~ he wanna use the jutsu to end it all Naruto yells in excrutiating pain...
This is all for the HEART part… lolz
but seriously… im not going to tell u how this part ends in case u havent watch it!! ^_^ im nice … right?!?! RIGHT?!!? so go vote… in the “NEW” POLL… go go go…*pushes you*

well…we finally get to see the long awaited Arashi niichan of Sasame!!
but guess what??
WHAT? some of u might say… no big deal isnt it?? lolz

not that cute ... Orochimaru's cuter... why is Sasame so infatuated with him?!?! Hunchback of Notre Dame... argh!! cliche + lame - sorrie!! but as u can see... he's a dog of Orochimaru!! True Face... now Sasame's gonna reconsider her infatuation for him... isn't she?? *fufufufu* Super shock to see Arashi like that...what other rxn can they have... LAUGH??maybe i would

That’s it for the disgusting stuff in this episode… i shall end this post with light hearted scenes from this gross episode… haha
that is to make u feel better!! ^_^

Naruto's bunshin on fire A lesson taught to us by Naruto's bunshin - Rolling on the floor won't help u get rid of the fire Sakura tot Naruto's dead after the HEART stunt pulled by the 'Kabuto' Apparently, Naruto is very much alive and in the pink of health Sakura gets pissed!! Gives him a knock on his empty head And some scoldings to fill it up Head concussion Ok GREAT!! Naruto's officially are they going to continue Naruto(the anime) like this? Gamakichi - The frog that talked
lolz…that’s about all…



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