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Whao! Episode 2 of Ichigo 100% is great! Wanna know why??? *droolz…*
2 options for you…go watch it, or catch a bit of spoiler by continue reading this post….mwahahaha!!!

This wonderful episode starts off showing Junpei and Toujou studying in the library and how she prepared a hand-written list of *kanji* words for study. And so…our dear Junpei started wandering off in thought about how compatible he and Toujou are…then…Nishino’s face flashed through his mind…thus giving that stupid expression.

Back in class….(school has ended anyway)…Nishino came looking for Junpei to go home together and that caused our poor little Komiyama to start crying.
On their way out of school, Junpei accidently blurted out that he has been studying with Toujou every morning. And guess what….

….Nishino got Junpei to ask Toujou out to help her with Math.

Halfway through their “study session”, in came their school’s discipline master! Wanting to escape…they decided to exit using the “back door”.

Who would’ve have thought that the “back door” was actually just the janitor’s storeroom? Oooohhh… i was i was the one in there. *Starts drifting off in thoughts…* OK! I’m back….hehe~
Guess i dun have to say much about this scene…i’ll leave it up to your imagination.

And so…they managed to leave the shop. On their way back, Nishino asked to join Junpei and Toujou’s study group…our dumbass Junpei agreed right away. Leaving our poor Toujou to be …. well …. sad. In case you are wondering what’s Junpei’s friends doing…you will find out.

Well, they were eavesdropping! And they joined the study group on their own accord.

After the study group thingy…Junpei’s friend (sorry i still can’t confirm his name) revealed something interesting to him. That Toujou Aya actually likes him! Well, being a handsome and popular guy, his guess should be correct.

That is Junpei’s mother…and she has been preparing pork for him and will be preparing pork for him for every meal until his entrance exams are over.
At the school….

….a lovely girl appeared. Everyone who she is already, right?

Noticed that there are like 2 “chapters” in one episode? Well, that’s the layout of this anime…it’s like that in every episode.

In the classroom, Komiyama brought Junpei’s attention to the emtpy seat behind and and that seat is for someone who is in the same class as them. Our self-delusioned Komiyama thinks that it will be Toujou who has decided to take the entrance exam for the same high school as him…
As the exam started, in came Toujou who was late. As she sat behind Junpei to take the exam…Junpei’s thoughts started running wild for he has never seen her without her glasses and plaits. And of course….being a young, horny ba*ta*d, he starts to drift into deep thoughts, and by the time he snapped back to reality….

….he had only a little time till the end of the 1st paper and his answer sheet was almost empty!

As the day goes by and they took a few papers….Junpei realized that Toujou had been rushing in and out of the classroom in between breaks. After the last paper…Junpei apologized to Toujou for being careless in the exams even after she spent so much time to tutor him. *That’s nice of him isn’t it?* Well, Toujou said…”It’s be nice if we could go to the same high school….And then, let’s make movies together” It has become obvious why she is taking the entrance exam as Junpei even though she could’ve went for a better school. As Toujou left the room in tears, standing at the door was Nishino who heard the whole thing….

Ahh….isn’t this story so nice? Well, girls would probably think…”What’s so nice about it? It has a boring plot, no excitment and no good-looking guys?!” But that’s what is nice about it. It is every average guy’s dream that something like that would happen to them, eh?



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