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Finally set my mind to post this….

Ichigo 100% the anime came from its manga by Mizuki Kawashita. Well, started off by reading the manga first…then they started the anime…i was like WHAO! Anyway, all you horny ba*ta*ds (dun mind me…kinda affected by a Catholic brother in my school years) out there….WATCH this anime or you will regret it!

Warning! err….come to think of it…there isn’t anything to “spoil” in this anime. Wadever…Spoilers and Screenshots below!

Introducing the characters:

Starting from left to right…the main character (you’d wish you were him)…Junpei Manaka. Beside him is my favourite, Toujou Aya. Following them would be…Nishino Tsukasa, the one with the err…yellow hair? Actually, i cannot confirm becuz the official website features her with greyish silver hair. Next is Minamito Yui…think she is featured for the pleasure of those paedophiles out there. Anyway, last but not least is…Kitaooji Satsuki, for those who likes to be dominated? Haha…think i’m sick…but this story seems to cater to all sorts of sickos.

Let’s start the episode proper…

Ahh….how nice…the anime kicks off with a beautiful girl in strawberries panties falling from the sky and has the sunset as a backdrop….ahhhh….

And the episode goes on…introducing Junpei’s 2 friends….guys, so i shall not introduce them. Anyway, there is no need for it as well…go find out by yourself if you want their names….Mwahahaha….i’m Evil! Anyway, they are talking about this notebook which Junpei picked after after bumping into that pretty girl. So, apparently this notebook belongs to Toujou Aya.

AHHH!!! This girl is Toujou Aya?! Well…just wait and see.

Now….the appearance of my 2nd favourite girl, Nishino Tsukasa! Well…isn’t she cute? ^_^
Anyway, this scene is where the guys are talking about wanting to find out who the girl in strawberries panties is…and Komiyama openly confessed that he like Nishino and she happened to “drop by”. Btw, Komiyama is that ugly friend of Junpei. (Since he only has 2 guy friends….i think it’s quite clear who the ugly one is)

So…the episodes go on with Komiyama getting “dumped” (that’s what he said, although he was not even accepted in the first place) and he wants Junpei to go confess to Nishino and get dumped by her as well….thus suffering the same fate.

Woohooo….never in my entire life have i seen or heard of anyone confessing this way. Junpei is supposed to be confessing while exercising, but this seems utterly ridiculous! He is confessing while doing a pull-up??!! Sheesh…it’s hard enough when pull-up is one of the criterias of the physical fitness test in S’pore. *Argh…getting cold chills…gotta shake it outta my mind*
Dumb it may be…but Junpei still got the girl!!! Hmm….can someone give it a try and lemme noe if it works?

Then…they went to a park? Err…dun they have anywhere else to go? But it’s romantic anyway. So, being a young perverted chap like every other teenage guy out there…Junpei thinks that there is more in it when a couple are in a park together. Sigh….what a disgrace. It turns out…there is more…Nishino wants them to go to the same high school! And they went on and on about it….which i shall not say.

So…Junpei was studying in the school library when Toujou came along…and he asked her for help since she is a top student in school….and Junpei is well…average. And the clumsy Toujou slipped and fell as you can see….and….STRAWBERRIES PANTIES!!! Now, this casted some doubt into Junpei.

Oooohh…..Toujou Aya without her specs…now we can imagine how she resembles that pretty girl with strawberries panties, eh?
So, that ends episode 1 of Ichigo 100%, but before i end this…just 2 more screenshots of the ending theme. Btw, the ending song is “Ike Ike” by Hinoi Team, which Angeline totally can’t stand! But still, i will ask her to upload this song into her songs list too…

Phew….that was long….anyway, pls do leave some comments if you feel i have not done a fairly good job. Dun wanna spoil Angeline’s reputation. ^_^



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  1. my comments?? Junpei is ugly like shit… pardon me… n my only likeable character…Nishino is so much prettier in the manga…lolz~ so i dun like the anime…n i also dun really like the manga… coz it’s really quite stupid… dun mind me~ -_-|| but oh!!! this is a shounen story… silly me..i shouldnt take this seriously… i shall go back to the arms of my Hakuron… *bleh*

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