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im super duperly happy now…
not only i din get retain…but i also dun have to retake anything…
plus i got a B…the first ever B in my entire uni life…pathetic huh…lolz
but still!!! YAY!!!!
B for econs … not some core sub though… hehe~
but i got a C for my fav subject…the ones n zeros subject… Logic Design…lolz
super super satisfied already!!!
man im sounding like a kid…
*WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEeeee* *spins around*
the rest i got D… *phew* i thought i would fail the rest…but i dint…
yay!! no more retakes!!!
I WILL WORK HARD NEXT SEM FOR MORE Bs…the feeling of getting B is really GREAT!!!
*muackz* myself~

I passed miraculously?!?!

-Angeline- in a super good mood today…


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