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I can use Gmail n MSN messenger again… Starhub’s(my ISP) really fucked up these days…
n im still in a bad mood…
i really hate it when people don’t try to search things out themselves n keep buggin’ me for places to find them…
im not scolding people who tried their utmost effort to find the songs/animes that they want … but still cant find n turn to me(coz i have them) for help…
im really pissed when someone just come to me n so suddenly msg me on MSN when im busy playing MAPLESTORY~ (that will piss me off too)

A(the ‘someone’) : Do you watch ‘Anime A’?
Orangeline : ya why?
A : can send me the seed?
(first, he cant sense my pissed-ness, i don’t usually talk to people with a “ya why”, when im willing n happy i’ll go “Yup i do… why?? ^_^”. Second…what the hell is “seed” ??)

Orangeline:huh? u mean the torrent file..i dun have it anymore … i downloaded it sometime ago… so i deleted the torrentfile already…
A : then where can i download it?
Orangeline : try

…and i alt-tab n went back to play MAPLESTORY…
the next day … he msg me on MSN again~ n this time… im playing MAPLESTORY AGAIN~
sorry …i’ve been onto this game…thus the lack of updates…

A :are you there? hello…
Orangeline : ya
A :Boxtorrents cannot find ‘Anime A’
Orangeline : then try

after a while …

A : it got licensed when i was watching it and now i cannot watch it… haiz
Orangeline : it’s still downloadable …you just got to search for it
A : can you please give me the site to download the anime, Hongfire dont have
Orangeline : i really cannot remember …
A : then what about other places to download animes …
by this time… im already very x3 pissed at the fact that he doesnt want to search for the anime himself…(im a very petty piece of crap)

Orangeline : i really cannot remember all the sites.. search for it yourself
A : i try it myself
A : Thank you…

that’s how i got pissed off….
not the main cause of my ultimate bad mood today but they all add up…
wanna know the main cause??
too bad i cant say…coz people causing it might read the blog…
so what the fuck is the point of having a blog??
The morale of the story… search/get/download your own fucking animes…mp3s i still can help … coz the files are small…but a file averaging 200mb each…not to forget each series got SO MANY freaking episodes…they can easily add up to a few GBs…so use your freaking brains…how do u want me to help you?!?! …yeah yeah i know…invade my privacy…that’s it…for your convenience… isn’t it simple n easy… im a bloody hypocrite… if u wanna know…i lack the ability to say “no” — “softhearted” is a nicer way to say it…but i think not… im just a bloody hypocrite that says “Yes” but deep inside me…it actually is a “no”

there are search engines out there… just type what u want n u will get it…
i do that too~
i spend so much time searching … n all i get is get myself pissed~
what fuck?
maybe im just too petty…. did i just mention that im a petty piece of crap…

-Angeline- since bryant says my blog lacks of personal stuff…i shall fill mine with personal rantings…with all my vulgar language from today onwards… this is a joke *says with straight face* —– too many things happened at one go… thus the explosion… i’ll be fine after a day or two… im afterall a softhearted/hypocritical piece of crap


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