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ahhh… i havent been doing screenshotz for Destiny…~ *slaps myself* for my laziness…
this episode is one touching one…
n i actually teared for Shinn Asuka… the character that i didnt really like!! argh~ how fickle can i be??
after watching Phase 30 …Asuka Love Points went UP!! hehe… he’s such a lover…~ i like such guys…though he’s still a childish brat to me… haiz

~*WARNING : Spoiler alert + Screenshot harzard HIGH *~
Reminder : u can just click on the thumbnails n they will open up in a new window N u can READ the subtitles from there…
this Destiny’s episode is fansubbed by Cellphone!! ^_^ all thankx to them that i can watch it this early…!! *lovez*

I told you she will never die this early in the show… argh~ what an eye sore…

Athrun’s feeling depressed n stressed out from all that had happened … i think he’s starting to feel unsure of why he join Zaft in the first place… he had a few flashbacks… flashbacks of his father, Cagalli’s father… n of Kira scolding him about the ignorance towards Cagalli’s tears n him blaming everything on ORB n Cagalli…

*-*-On Archangel

Captain Amagi brings his men on board Archangel just as Commander Todaka had asked him to… (makes u wonder where that Purple hair freak went…how i wish he drown himself in the sea in the midst of the chaos)… they apologise for disobeying Cagalli and all the lives that was lost due to them not following the ideals of ORB… haiz… it’s not ur fault…it’s all that Purple hair freak’s fault…~
*curse him*
(you can imagine him sneezing like mad now …somewhere in the anime *fufufu*)
Cagalli feels really bad about it n starts crying … n suddenly everyone crys also..
*sweat* i guess it’s the influence of a LEADER..haha NOT!
it’s the aftermath of a WAR… coz whatever’s lost is gone forever…*sad* like Commander Todaka…(did i spell him name wrongly?)

This shower scene(very typical of Gundam Seed & Destiny) i rather irrelevant in my POV…i think this is the captain of Minerva (i dun seem to be able to remember her name… she’s the lover of President Dullandial right? in the previous episode …Phase 29 … there’s this woman who looks scarily similar to her(maybe it’s her…) ditched Dullandial coz she wanna have babies the natural way n not the PLANT way… (i.e. genetic engineering thus producing coordinators ; i think…)
n she went away with ANOTHER MAN…yeah…i saw it with my OWN eyes 0_o
so is this captain a CLONE or something… yeah yeah u noe ….Gundam Seed likes this kind of things… since Rey is an Extended + clone of Kuluze…(im quite affirmitive about it…;but i still might be wrong…*haiz*)

-*-*-Back on Minerva-*-*-

Stellar seems to be in a pretty bad shape… looks like she’s dying… haiz… so poor thing… i dun really dislike her… plus she seems to be the only thing that is good that’s happening to Shinn… but alittle double edge ~ i.e. good n bad …coz she might be the one who will cause Shinn GREAT MISERY~

Athrun’s sorting things out on the deck… n well…Shinn comes along n starts spouting insults…(they seem like insults to me)
i guess he loses his respect( it’s more of Shinn’s disappointed with Athrun n his own expections of Athrun) for Athrun … plus his own agony towards the situation for Stellar…haiz…things are getting complicated here~

Shinn’s still not sleeping n Rey suspects something…

Doesnt this look EXTREMEMLY FAMILIAR?!?!
eh … u cant remember or u dint watch Gundam Seed??
haiz maybe im the only one that thinks this part is similar to the part when Kira brings Lacus back to Athrun when she’s ‘held hostage’ on the Archangel then… haha
but this time… Shinn does it in a rather mindless way… n the difference?
Shinn has feelings for Stellar while Kira din have any…(then)

See!! Even the part where Rey asks Shinn if he’s coming back is so similar to the part where eh.. what’s his name again… the guy who likes Fllay also… argh~ forgotten but… at that time.. it was him who helped Kira get out of Archangel n sent Lacus back to Athrun… n in the end …that poor fellow got punished … (he had extra duties i think)

She’s so mean!! she actually asks Athrun to STEP BACK?!?! argh… just because he lost one battle?!!? n i still thought she was a nice captain… *pui*
starting to hate her now…
about her asking Rey if the instructions are from “That guy”… i suspect she’s asking Rey if the instructions are from Dullandial since Rey’s extremely close to him…
did u ever notice Rey’s pilot suit is that of a Captain’s pilot suit even though he’s not the Captain of the ship?? hmm…something to ponder over ya??

^+^ EAF’s side ^+^

“To Neo : Stellar is waiting…” boohoo…how sweet…i cant believe that Shinn can actually say that… coz it’s like — telling ur rival in love that ur love is waiting for him… argh~ Respect for Shinn increases~ *smacks myself twice*

Shinn trusts his best buddy…although he doesnt show it on his face… i still think he treats Shinn like his best friend…he understands Shinn also~ *kyaa* I like Rey alot!!

Shinn Asuka : “Im returning her because i dont want her to die!That’s why you must absolutely promise me! By all means, please keep her far away from these things such as a war … such as mobile suits…or anything else that can kill her…and return her to a gentle and warm world.”
*MELTZ* i wonder if anyone will say that for me… he can be quite a sweetie sometimes…*tears*

n well… Neo’s answer to that is …

I dont think Neo is a BAD person… his actions…his words… doesn’t reflect an evil mind… what do you think? A bad person wont care for other people… the way he cares for the three Extended under his provision…he is definitely a nice guy~

Well..Shinn says “Don’t forget me”
but … but…
if she doesn’t forget him… there wouldnt be any drama isnt it??
but this part is really sweet… this relationship between Stellar n Shinn…hmmm
it’s really difficult to forsee…
alot more difficult than the one between Kira n Lacus in Gundam Seed…
but there’s still the one between Athrun n Cagalli…
that’s another complicated one~ haiz
did i ever mention that i got the feeling that Cagalli will die?
i even dreamt of it before… *sweat* -_-||




  1. I love lot of gundam episode… I love althrun charcter… and kira.. Shinn,, seem to be very i can’t explain.. hehehe

  2. I love Gundam Seed Destiny!!!!!!!!! KYAA!! Athrun!!

  3. hehe i love it too!
    Athrun’s my second fav!
    KIRA!!! kyaaa~

  4. Cagalli is soo hot

  5. For me Locus is the best girl chara in gundam seed. i can’t explain why, but think she is a perfect girl.

  6. haha
    yeap Lacus is gorgeous and capable… 😀


  7. wokeyyyy………lacus n meer campbell i love you so much….

  8. i luv rey omg the captain actually told athun to STEP BACK OMG she is so mean ah who cares i dont even like athrun i LOVE REY ZA BURREL and that is the only character i pay attenton to when watch GSD and if he wasnt in the show why the hell would i be watching it SHINN YOUR SO EMO lacus sux MEER IS SO WAY COOLER YA…….. oh ya i thought that Stella shouldent of died her and Shinn were so good together SHINN IS SUCH A PLAYER EWWWIIIIII!!!!………. that Durandal guy sorta creeps me out sorta his suspisious perverted smiles…. LOL I LOVE REY…thats all

  9. athurn pisses me off cuz he can’t decide which girl to get! answer: CAGALLI! DUH!

  10. wait a sec……… durandal has a perverted smile!?!?!!?!? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! brain over load!!!!! athurn still pisses me off.

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