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I’m starting to like this series more n more~ so i’ve decided to do a screenshot introduction for episode three…not the latest but the latest fan subbed version!!
this episodes super hilarious… but if u cannot stand or tolerate ecchi humour … then do not look at the screenshotz hhaha…not that it’s ez…since this is going to be a super long post…

i started watching this series becoz the Seiyuu for Yoshitaka(The Master) is Junko Minagawa…my ultimate love~ in case u dont know…Junko Minagawa voiced Ryoma in POT n Ritsuka in Loveless!!
i wasnt really interested in this series since it dint seem to have any plot…
but after this episode…
it seems really good…hahaha not to forget that it’s really farney n Pochi the alligator(who doesnt look like one) is super cute!!

***Warning : Spoiler ahead + Screenshotz harzard SUPERHIGH (100++ Captures) + SUPER long POST + if u cannot tolerate Ecchi humor….please do not go on~ ***
^+^ New System : By clicking onto the thumbnail…the pictures will open in a new window!! ^_^ feel free to do that to read the subtitles…~ they will enlighten u ALOT… -_-||

The two maids, Izumi and Mitsuki(sisters) start a new day with their Master Yoshitaka at the SUPER BIG Mansion … Mitsuki’s cooking breakfast n Izumi brings the safe that Yoshitaka asked her to…haha…Izumi did slam the bloody safe on Yoshitaka…~

anyway…while they are bathing…Yoshitaka’s eavesdropping…which is really rare…he usually peeps… haha
n overhears that Mitsuki misses school… n actually prepares school uniforms for them n transfer them over to his middle school….
in some way… isnt he being sweet..although he’s being a real pervert??

Some wierd girl and guy spies on them… you’ll know who are they later~~

Izumi’s getting popular with her fellow classmates…n as u expect it… Yoshitaka’s being hated in school…. but i will still like him…
he commands Izumi to do things like a maid … thus embarrassing her… *how mean*

eh … u know something… the pix plus the subtitles are pretty self explanatory… so im gonna stop the story telling… i find myself irritating explaining a light hearted story in such a serious manner…mwah hahahahaha *Fufufufu*
i.e. Im just pure lazy ; can someone smack me in the head?? (i know of people who are more than willing to do that~! ; but…but… there are still more than 90 screen captures to go…if im gonna story-tell all of them…this is gonna take more than a few hours…~ *sobz*)

Some wierd idiotic arse forms Mitsuki’s Bodyguard Squad!!

A super “Wierd” girl who’s infatuated/has a crush with/on the hentai Yoshitaka~

and Yoshitaka wanna hire her…n if he really does…he will have THREE MIDDLE SCHOOLERs as his a fantasy~

Pochi got really bored at home n starts drinking beer!! hahaha how cute~

The competition to choose who’s the most suitable to be Yoshitaka’s “GirlFriend” is about to start…haha the MCs are Mitsuki n the Captain for Mitsuki’s Bodyguard Squad!! n the Head Judge is ….. *drum roll* — Yoshitaka himself!! *boos + shoos* from the audience…how mean!! *sobz 4 Yoshitaka*

Yoshitaka tells Mitsuki that there’s no need to hold a competition since he intends to hire both girls…
wanna guess what Mitsuki tells him?? haha… read the subtitles for the first pic…
just click on the thumbnail n it will open in a New Window~
I cant believe that Mitsuki’s still considered as Izumi’s real sister by saying that… hahaha~

~And Now…for Round ONE of the Competition…Cooking!!~

~Round TWO — Nursing the Master~ ooOO …~!!~

~*** Something happens!! Pochi arrives in School …. —> Question for Round THREE ***~

^+^ Yoshitaka wanna SAVE Anna?!?! but something catches his eyes!! ^+^

-*-*-*-* Pochi continues his rampage, and now Yoshitaka uses Izumi to stop him!! ~

~The Verdict?? Anna Won!! *throws Confetti* but…~

these two are the kami-samas(Gods) in the show… they are the mascotts for the two mangakas… arent they cute…they are always having the..err… doing nothing-slacking-sleeping kind of attitude… hahaha~

In the end, Anna falls in love with Izumi coz Izumi cares so much for her…
-_-|| *sweatz* isn’t Anna WIERD?!?! she’s wierd to have a crush on Yoshitaka to start with … *haiz* not that liking a girl is wierd… but liking Izumi in that situation IS WIERD?!!?

Back at the SUPER BIG Mansion~ i guess the wierdest gal is still….*drum roll* MITSUKI~ yay~ er… i dunno why i YAY… but… haha — she seems to be enjoying the role-play thingy… n she seems to be entering her sister into some costumer competition online… hahaha… cant wait for the next episode…
(ok … the wierdest is me.. im a gal but im watching this anime…; self-hypnotizing in process “I watch this anime for Junko Minagawa…I watch this anime for Junko Minagawa…I watch this anime for Junko Minagawa…I watch this anime for Junko Minagawa…” x 10000 ; come to think of it…Junko Minagawa is a female *sweat*)

-Angeline- started to do this post at 23:25 … n the time now is 00:55 …haiz… i actually took so long~


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