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Orlando Bloom….Orland Bloom~ *meltz*
This is my favourite movie of the year… (till May 2005 tat is)
i like the ideas… the way the movie is made…
n Orlando Bloom!!! hahahaha

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girls out there melt now!!
isnt he cute??
he’s like the ultimate hero in the show… n not doing things “By the name of God”
i like it that way…
he doesn’t betray his soul for the name of god…
that’s the idea that i got from the show…
i really like it..

plus the show has gotten a really hot female cast too~

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yea yea… the kind that i will drool for…
anyway… my sex goddess is Alyssa Milano… hehehe
i LOVE this show… n i shall go buy the book n quote meaningful stuff from there…

one last thing…
dont do things in the name of god… that will make u a hypocrite… do not put words into your God’s mouth…that’s all i have to say…~ ^_^
not that everyone does that… but the bishop in the show just makes me feel like saying this…(the one in the end who keeps insisting that Orlando is commiting blasphemy…one of the examples is when he stopped Orlando from burning the corpses saying that they’ll have to wait for Judgement Day; and well.. what Orlando said was… if God thinks that way…then he is no God… — not the exact wording…~)
he’s the typical christian that i see around me …
watch the show n u will know what i mean….

if u havent watch it… go watch it…
it’s really good…
oh n by the way…i m no Christian….haha

-Angeline- says “All pictures taken frm


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