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This present was given to me during my birthday!!
Bryant and Jasmine gave it to me along with a Kakashi face towel…
*hugz* them… i love the present so much…
n i cant bear to use the Kakashi towel…
haha i dint know that they actually know that i wanted a Itachi forehead protector!!
*smooches* both Jasmine n Bryant!! *muackz*
thankx to everyone else for ur presents …
thanks to Simin, Adlina & Loowee for ur ORANGE Espirt Wallet… Thanks to KS and Lifeng for ur OP ORANGE berms, thankx to my dear Eric Ho for spending too much on the “How to draw Manga” book… but i still like it ALOT!!!
Thankx to my mom, n aunties for the huge amounts of ang baos!! ^_^
(im sorry if i missed out anyone … im a little stone right now…coz i’ve been studying ones n zeros the whole day!!)
eh … pardon the lagging in the post coz i din realize that my phone can send MMS till today.. i tot the GPRS was spoilt!!
not until my mom sent me my sis’s pic after she cut her hair!!
it’s err… not very nice!! but no choice…. she has wavy hair like me..(it runs in the family…)

my sister with short hair…
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hehe… isnt it cute?!?! eh…why m i saying myself cute…

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Kissing Itachi-sama??
eh … when i open my eyes… i realized it’s a ZOMBIE!!
haha joking!!! dont get angry Eric~ it’s not that bad *wobbly speech*

ahhh…gotta go back to my zeros n ones…
it’s logic paper tomorrow…
wish me luck!!
i like this module the mostest!!
but i doubt i can pass also… coz i havent been spending time on this module since i-forgotten-when … haiz



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